Nutrition therapy for diabetes


We are, I believe, living through a renaissance in food and nutrition awareness. More and more people are becoming sick simply through the food that they are eating. However, thanks to the internet and social media, more and more people are also waking up to this fact and deciding that enough is enough. The internet has done for nutrition what the printing press did for the Enlightenment, thereby allowing people to find out the truth for themselves. Dr. Antti Heikkilä has been telling the truth for well over 40 yrs, both through his own clinical practice, his website and the now well-over 20 books that he has published on the subject of Health and Nutrition. Right out of medical school in the early 70's, Antti realized that something wasn't quite right. What he was seeing in clinical practice and what he had been taught were two completely different things. Unfortunately for Antti, he qualified as a doctor just as the “low-fat” lie was beginning to take off. This put him at odds with both his peers and society in general, leaving him virtually alone to try and swim against a tsunami of lies and misinformation. There were others of course such as Atkins and Yudkin but they were half a world away. In the Finland of the 1970's, heavily under the influence of the former Soviet Union, free thinking was at a premium and Dr. Heikkilä was very much a lone voice.

Undeterred, he decided to go it alone and started writing in order to try and get his message across. He started to write in a language that everyone could understand. His writings started to gain attention and people began telling him that they had got better, simply through following the advice in his books. By this time Antti was becoming a danger to the Finnish medical establishment and they tried to ban the first, Finnish language version of this book. Antti wrote to the Finnish Medical Association asking them why they were trying to ban his book. As of today, he is still waiting for an answer.

Incidences of obesity and diabetes are skyrocketing across the world. According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2012, 86 million Americans age 20 and older had undiagnosed pre-diabetes; this is up from 79 million in 2010, and there is no sign of this trend changing anytime soon. Hence, there is a good chance that you, the reader, are one of these people but you just don't know it. It is now understood that hyperinsulinemea and the chronic, systemic inflammation that goes with it, is a gateway to what I call the “Big 5 Diseases of Civilization”, namely Type 2 Diabetes itself, cardio vascular disease, dementia, stroke and many forms of cancer. Hence, this book is not just for confirmed diabetics, it's for everyone who wants to make a change in their life. It's a road map for health through nutrition. How do I know this? I was once one of those very same sick people, probably also an undiagnosed pre-diabetic, who became utterly disillusioned with what I was being told by both the authorities and the main stream media. I took matters into my own hands and thanks to the work of Antti and others, took the leap of faith that allowed me to turn my life around, entirely without medical intervention. In short, it works, and I and many others like me are living testimony to that fact.

First and foremost Dr. Heikkilä is a clinician, and this book is based on his over 40 yrs of clinical experience, including over 2000 patients, for whom Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic diseases (including cancer) have been brought into remission through nutritional therapy alone. As with all his books, it is written in a simple, direct and easy-to-understand style, interspersed with anecdotal case-studies. Jargon has been kept to an absolute minimum. A comprehensive list of references for further reading has also been provided at the end of the book.

It was our mutual interest in chronic inflammation and its devastating effects on the human body that brought us together. Even today, this is something that is completely overlooked by many physicians, not only in relation to diabetes but many other diseases besides. This fully-revised edition of “Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes” addresses this misconception and puts inflammation firmly on the diabetes map.

Dr. Heikkilä is one of the few doctors alive today who has consistently, throughout their career, always questioned official guidelines and advice concerning health and nutrition. To quote the author Nassim Nicholas Taleb he has “full skin in the game”. This makes him a rare breed indeed, one who is up there not only with Atkins and Yudkin but Phinney and Volek, Bernstein and a few others besides, and one whom I'm proud to call a friend.

Nick Paterson,
LIHF Living (,
Helsinki, June 2017.


Heath treatment revolution

By Ilkka Lehtinen
Format: Kindle Edition

Stop. What if nearly everything you have been told about healthy diet is wrong? What if you've been fooled to think that medicine is your only solution to several different problems you might have? What if you could live without the medication? Dr. Heikkilä explains all this to you shortly and clearly without complicated medical jargon that you are forced to face when you see your doctor. The subject of healthy diet is all but simple if you need to explain the background, but Dr. Heikkilä manages to present it in a simple way so that normal people (like me) can understand without any background knowledge let alone medical education. And more: you get the point in this book in a short time.

Dr. Heikkilä presents several examples of how this works in practice by telling stories from his patients - and what more remarkable, even people who he has never met but have been following his guidelines. People can live without medication and lose excess weight permanently. I did. I lost 13 kg myself, got rid of fierce acid reflux and do not get the annual, 6-8 weeks lasting bronchitis-type cough anymore - by only changing what I eat. There are more remarkable stories in this book. It is very true that you cannot make science by telling stories of individual people's successes in curing themselves but it is also true that if these people have cured themselves by completely objecting what doctors tell them that you're gonna have to explain how it is possible.

This book is about revolutionizing the way how to treat diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) but also metabolic syndrome (the pre-state of type 2 diabetes), high blood pressure, inflammations of several kind, excess body weight and others - because they are connected.

Antti Heikkila, the superior Doctor

By Robert Purdy
Format: Kindle Edition

I liked this book very much and recommend it! Read this book and discover the hidden secrets that todays medical profession do not want you to know.

The superior doctor prevents sickness
The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness
The inferior doctor treats actual sickness
Huang Dee Nai-Chang (2600 BC first Chinese medical text)

Simple advice to cure diabetes with nutrition

By Kaarina Tams
Format: Kindle Edition

I have family members and friends with Diabetes and was really painful to follow their distress when they followed the regular treatment on diabetes. One of them got gangrene on both legs, had them amputated and got then terrible phantom pains, got more and more morphine. The body puffed up enormously before he died much too early.

After I found Dr. Heikkilä's article about nutrition therapy I found it make totally sense. I thought this should be known by everybody. Why are the medical doctors not following Dr. Heikkilä's good results. Nutrition therapy is the oldest therapy on Diabetes and approved in Sweden.

We have an epidemy of diabetes worldwide. Effective therapy is really needed. Diabetes concerns all the family like alcoholism and drugs. Why not use proven effective therapy?

This book is easy to read and understand.

The book has healthy colorful recipies also. It is easy to start and try if you also can benefit from the nutrition therapy.

I recommend this book.

New and very very informative book

By Heikki jantti
Format: Kindle Edition

In THE NUTRITION THERAPY FOR DIABETES Dr. Antti Heikkila with over 40 years of experience in practicing medicine in Finland reveals the importance of the food we eat every day. It is not only the question of diabetes but also other severe health issues such as dementia, Alzheimer, heart disease and even cancer. Diabetes in our world has skyrocketed also among children, so it is our responsibility to take action now. In this book you find advice on diet, supplements, medication and green living. This book offers tools for lifelong health. THE NUTRITION THERAPY FOR DIABETES is the most reliable solution to get your insulin level into normal range without harmful excess medication even with Diabetes 1. This book will also create your inner chef alive again. Thank you Dr. Heikkila.

Heikki Jantti Coquitlam B.C Canada

Best Things in Life Are Simple

By Mika Johansson
Format: Kindle Edition

Simple, easy and powerful. If you think obesity, metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance, diabetes is your problem - look nowhere else for fast and effective relief. Or perhaps you just want to eat well and nourish yourself properly. This book is for you. Furthermore this is a very good read, informative and love Dr. Heikkila's dryer than dry humour. On the other hand you find a humble and humane voice with a big heart and understanding where we are in terms of health care now and how we ended up here. Finally a book which explains complicated medical issues in layman terms. Yummy and simple recipes which make the Heikkila Method easy to follow. A must ready for everyone.

It is a must to have it in your own library.

Format: Kindle Edition

Easy to read and "digest". Better to follow than to be under medication. According with today daily life, with suger in eveyithing it is a must to have in your collection. Why are not too many on the market? Because They do not want you to know! Now you know or you can if you would like. My suggestion is "do it!"

Simple nutritional healing

By New Hampshireon
Format: Kindle Edition

I picked this book to help me explain to my mother an easy way of controlling her diabetes. It brakes the food choices into simple categories and provides a couple of excellent recipes.

I've used the principles in the book for my 3 ...

Format: Kindle Edition

I've used the principles in the book for my 3 year old girl. She is off insulin most days. She only takes insulin once or twice a week when she eats badly. Thank you Antti Heikkila:-)

Short and sweet


Great book. Short, simple to understand, speaks from the heart, doesn't preach the gospel at you, just explains in simple terms what you need to do to turn your life around and retake control of your health. Thank you Dr. Antti Heikkila!

The Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes

ByH Katz, New York, NYon April 29, 2014
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Dr. Antti Heikkila's book The Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes lays out to all readers as set of directions to maintaining a healthy life and one doesn't have to have diabetes to benefit from it.

He prescribes certain foods and vitamins which are based on extensive research. His writings are very informative and clear to the lay-person. Dr. Heikkila shows you that there is a natural way to improve your health, most of the time without having to support the pharmaceutical industry.

His book also contains many tasty, fresh, and inviting recipes. I especially liked the stone-age bread recipe which doesn't involve the use of flour and most of the ingredients are different kind of seeds.

I highly recommend this book.

The inferior doctor treats actual sickness
Huang Dee Nai-Chang (2600 BC first Chinese medical text)

Digest and do it!

Format: Kindle Edition

Easy to read and "digest". Better to follow than to be under medication. According with today daily life, with suger in everything it is a must to have in your collection. Why are not too many on the market? Because They do not want you to know! Now you know or you can if you would like. My suggestion is "do it!"